Romabio Velatura MineralWash

Romabio Velatura Mineralwash with a concrete theme

This dynamic concrete look was made with Romabio Velatura MineralWash directly over the drywall. This easy to use authentic Italian lime paint is applied in two coats using a crosshatch brushing technique. The first coat is applied at full strength and the second is diluted 50-80% with clean water.

The base color is adapted from a Benjamin Moore gray color which gives a uniform flat finish to the wall. Small particles in the Mineralwash provide some light catching subtlety. The second coat was diluted and given an extra dose of black tint to provide the highlights in the wall giving it much more character and motion.

Mineralwash concrete look right side cornermineralwash concrete look finished effect left sidemineralwash concrete look finished effect right side