Benjamin Moore How-To Videos

Did you know Benjamin Moore has 11 DIY ‘How-To’ videos on our YouTube page? Below is a description and link to each…

How to fix cracks and holes before painting
– How to prepare your walls
– How to cut in paint in a room
– How to paint a ceiling
– How to paint interior walls
– How to paint trim
– How to paint doors
– How to paint doors – Aura Grand Entrance
– How to paint cabinets
– How to stain a deck
– How to paint a dry erase wall

New Titan Promotion Offer to commence in June

As the summer approaches, our current Titan rewards offer will cease, while a new offer is just around the corner.

Beginning in June, Titan’s new rewards offer will be included, but not limited to spray tips for electric airless sprayers, HVLP sprayers (with maintenance kits), and a fluid section for gas-powered airless sprayers. Go to for more information.


Thank you for your support in the face of chaos. We have been offering our service with curbside pick-up to help our customers through these difficult circumstances. As much of a pain it has been for you to wait for your order to be fulfilled, we were working hard to make sure your order is just right.
For those who want to continue to call in for a pick-up, we are very happy to continue providing this service. If you feel comfortable shopping in the store, our doors are open. We do ask that at this time you maintain caution using the recommended safety protocols such as wearing masks, gloves and washing regularly. We are doing our part to sanitize regularly for everyone’s benefit.
Under our masks are the staff who care for you every day. As the things around us change, we will remain the same. From our family to yours, stay safe and stay well

The Fog Machine

After 30 years of seeing jobs before and after, I saw something I’ve never seen before. An atrium full of vapor, the kind of cloud you might expect from a shower room or sauna, except hanging above a stairway in a sky lit atrium.  The house didn’t feel cold but the humidity was so high outside that all the glass window and door panels were sweating outside.

I was originally asked in the store by the contractor for advice about a mildew problem.  So we recommended a mold resistant paint. Turns out his mold problem was exacerbated by a tremendous moisture problem.

Atrium Cloud

The moisture in the air was condensing on the walls and causing them to sweat.  Surfactants leeched out of the fresh paint resulting in wet streaky rundowns on the wall and over the trim to the lower wall surfaces.  The moisture also caused other problems including blistering.

The contractor had installed a 300 cfm fan mid wall but it was off for 12 hours a day allowing the moisture to accumulate.


A New Start started on the back in the early days of the internet in 1995. We have been with the same host since then and they were stable and solid but we need to start fresh with a new host. So here we go, keep checking back, I’m working as fast as I can.