Fall is Here!

(Though it may not seem like it in South Florida.)

It’s the time of year where things start cooling down and more people are outside walking and consequently getting better looks at the houses in their neighborhood. So, what better time to give your home a facelift?

Bold front doors are a great and cost-effective way to boost curb appeal. Fine Paints of Europe and our certified appliers can make your front door a showstopper with their glossy, mirror like finishes and color saturated flat or matte finishes.

If you are interested in becoming an applier or want more information about Fine Paints of Europe, call us about our Fine Paint of Europe Seminar on January 8th, 2022.

Another easy and inexpensive way to spruce up your home is to pressure clean your front walk and sides of your house. Removing any mildew or mold and starting with a fresh, clean entry is perfect when you want to impress your neighbors and family. The best part is, you can rent a pressure cleaner for a few days or a weekend and there is no long-term purchase or storage concerns!

You can call 305-666-3300 or 305-266-0662 for information on pricing and availability of our pressure cleaning machines.

Now that the front of your house is spotless, check for chipped or cracked paint; this would be a great opportunity to make small cosmetic changes like paint touch-ups or repainting accent pieces like shutters and trim. Small updates, like a new accent color, will go a long way to giving your house a refresh.

The last inexpensive and easy way to give your home a facelift is driveway paint! Available in a variety of colors, this is an easy way to bring new life to your home and create a clean focal point on something that usually takes up a large percentage of your front yard. Richard’s Driveway & Floor Coating  is specially formulated coating designed for use on a variety of concrete substrates, such as walkways, patios and even driveways. Its special formulation provides excellent durability, superior fade resistance and a smooth low sheen finish that resists cracking, peeling and chipping. It applies easily, may be applied to previously painted surfaces, properly primed metal surfaces and even surface areas that have been previously coated with a concrete stain. It has excellent weatherability, and may be applied to both fresh and fully cured concrete surfaces. Cleans up easily with water.

If you need more ideas for easy ways to spruce up your home in time for Halloween and all the Thanksgiving festivities that are coming up, check out our PINTEREST BOARDS for inspiration!


Thank you for your support in the face of chaos. We have been offering our service with curbside pick-up to help our customers through these difficult circumstances. As much of a pain it has been for you to wait for your order to be fulfilled, we were working hard to make sure your order is just right.
For those who want to continue to call in for a pick-up, we are very happy to continue providing this service. If you feel comfortable shopping in the store, our doors are open. We do ask that at this time you maintain caution using the recommended safety protocols such as wearing masks, gloves and washing regularly. We are doing our part to sanitize regularly for everyone’s benefit.
Under our masks are the staff who care for you every day. As the things around us change, we will remain the same. From our family to yours, stay safe and stay well

A New Start

O-GeePaint.com started on the back in the early days of the internet in 1995. We have been with the same host since then and they were stable and solid but we need to start fresh with a new host. So here we go, keep checking back, I’m working as fast as I can.