Golden Paintworks

Golden Paintworks Decorative Products

Golden Paintworks® Metallic Paintsare water based, interior acrylic paints that are highly pigmented with iridescent mica to produce strong metallic effects. Perfect for any decorative project from up-cycling that treasured furniture piece, to adding some drama to a feature wall, lighted ceiling cap, or crown molding. Use on its own, or with any Golden Paintworks decorative products.

This unique line consists of 4 Tintable Bases and 28 Pre-Mixed Metallic Paint colors. All 28 colors are available in an 8 oz. trial size and are easily reproduced utilizing one of 4 Tint Bases in quart or gallon sizes. Brush, roll or spray apply. No extender/additive is required for rolling. Full coverage in just 2 coats that dries to a satin sheen. Create a Matte Metallic Paint quickly by simply adding 1 part Metallic Paint Matting Additive to 10 parts Metallic Paint.


Festool is a tool maker based in Germany who have been making tools for over 90 years and are celebrating 20 years in the US this year. They joined with our buying group ALLPRO and offered something we didn’t have before. A suite of tools to help the professional painter to sand surfaces. Some people will complain that the sanders and dust extractors are too expensive compared to some others out there, but they out perform any competition. It seems unlikely that sanding could be a clean job and much less a fun one, but Festool sanders get the job done with minimal mess and maximum efficiency. There are more sanders and more sandpaper grits that we have ever had – from 9″ wall sanders to 3″ grinder/polishers and all levels in between. Sandpaper ranges from 24 to 4000 depending on the model and polishing grits up to 11,000.

On more than one occasion I have been called by longtime professional painters and asked how to remove paint from a door that they recently painted. Usually it comes down to the lack of preparation and applying a suitable primer, that is, they cut some corners, tempted fate, and it came back to them. So they have a peeling door or trim and need to get the paint off. How to do it? How long does it take? Whatever the payment for one door to be painted, say it is $100.00, the cost of stripping and redoing that door is likely going to be twice that amount. Before Festool sanding systems, I would have had pity on this painter because the job was a waste of time and product and now it has to be redone and this time without payment. Now, I don’t see any excuse for failing to do a good job. The tools are available, the effort is minimal and the results are superb.

Most painters have a pressure cleaner or rent them to do the outside of a house. Wouldn’t think of painting outside without first pressure cleaning – no brainer. But inside is a different story. Sanding down trim and doors and even walls seem so far from their scope that a little hand sanding is all they can muster. I don’t know why investing in a system that will help you do the best job you can is so against the mentality of many painters.

Painters using Festool sanders are able to ask more for their jobs because they are using Festool to prep. Some times its because they offer it as an upcharge, or they can beat out the competition because they can prep a place out without making a mess. In environments such as hospitals, tech centers and offices, being able to prep cleanly makes a big impression.

When we repainted our store interior I went around the room with spackle and then used our rental wall sander, the Planex, over the walls. It removed all sorts of little bits and blobs that had accumulated on the walls and made the finish noticeably smoother and nicer looking. The difference in the result of not sanding versus sanding is something a painter should be able to recognize.

The Festool sanding system as three main parts to their success. First, the extractors or vacuums are quiet and have excellent suction throughout the life of the bag. The HEPA aspect removes the smallest particles of dust down to .1 micron so there is no airborne dust. The new sleeved hoses have a smooth internal contour for better airflow. Active extraction helps the tools and sandpaper do their jobs cooler so they perform at maximum efficiency.

Second, the tools are designed do make dust extraction a priority. The motors are balanced for minimal vibration and have speed control to slow down for low friction coatings like latex paints. The hose connection is made to prevent pulling off accidentally and recent models are engineered to lock on with a twist. Sanding pads are hook and loop style made extra grippy for the stresses of sanding, come in different hardnesses and are easily replaced if they become damaged.

The sandpaper is the 3rd component and Festool Granat is the go-to paper for all purposes. The grit range is the widest of any.

Fine Paints Universal Primer

We finally received our shipment of Universal primer and it is a winner. This waterbase primer can be applied to just about any surface and can accept any of Fine Paints finishes.  Its coverage is astounding and is tintable to all colors.


Benjamin Moore has been making both paints and happy customers since 1883. Featuring quality paint bolstered by the use of Gennex color technology, Benjamin Moore has been a mainstay in household decor, both indoors and out.

Ben Moore Purchased Insl-x Coatings a while back and acquired several companies in the process. Since then they have restructured and reorganized their product lines around these businesses and now have a robust set of coatings to offer beyond wall paint.

Peel-and-Stick Paint Samples

Be sure to check out the new offering in the Benjamin Moore online store: Peel-and-Stick Paint Samples, providing DIYers with an additional, easy-to-use option for trying on one or more colors before purchasing paint.

The large, 12″x12″ samples can be moved from room to room and observed in different lighting throughout the home. Sheets are produced in any Benjamin Moore color and fulfilled by Samplize, an established vendor known for a high-quality product, with two hand-applied coats of real Benjamin Moore paint.

Peel-and-Stick samples are not available in stores.

Corotech Command

Ben Moore has announced their Command line of waterborne enamels will be released March 1st. This new product is the go-to solution for quick return to service that provides tenacious adhesion and abrasion resistance on a wide variety of substrates. COMMAND is an extremely durable, UV resistant, waterborne acrylic urethane enamel, ideal for use where minimal maintenance disruption is required. Tinted using Gennex® color technology, COMMAND is available in gloss and satin sheens.

Benjamin Moore’s previous waterborne urethane was in their industrial line named P73. It was available only in white gloss and not particularly popular at the time. With the inclusion of a full line of bases and satin sheen level and Ben Moore’s quality reputation, Command will be an easy choice for long lasting, good looking protection

It is Easy Being Green

Green is probably one of the most versatile colors on the spectrum. From calming sage to vibrant and exciting lime, this color has something for everyone. From Cottagecore to Minimalist, you can incorporate this color into your home, office or business.

The color green is well known to be a calming color. One that brings quiet to a space and peace to a busy mind. Green is also a color that allows you to bring nature into your space, through the use of potted plants, herbs and even botanical prints in art and wallpaper.

People want to connect to nature and even with a minimalist style home, you can make this happen. Green accents in wallpaper, art and textiles are a great way to bring pops of color to a minimalist color palate.

Darker, forest greens on walls and furniture bring sophistication to a space and when paired with leather and dark woods make a room feel more masculine or connected to nature. Dark greens also have a feeling of calm and stillness which is why it is often used in libraries, studies and spaces where focus and deep thinking happen.

Bright greens such as lime and chartreuse are colors associated with nature, confidence and high energy. This color is used in gyms, sports gear and other areas where you want to pump up the energy. It is also associated with inspiration and creativity, so feel free to use splashes of these tones in art studios or creative spaces, like playrooms for kids!  Because of its energetic feelings though, this color should likely stay out of bedrooms or other areas of the home where you want to be able to relax.

Right in the middle are pastel and muted greens like sage and sea glass that are used to promote tranquility and calm. These colors are often used in spas, bedrooms and bathrooms- all places where you want to be able to relax after a long day. The soft feelings of these colors also bring to mind Spring and the changing of the seasons.

Bringing greenery such as potted plants, succulents, cut flowers and dried herbs are all amazing ways to add interest to a space and also improve the feeling of your home.

What is Minimalist?


Welcome back.

Today we are going to talk about our 3rd 2021 Interior Design Trend: Minimalist.

This trend emerged in the 20th Century as a foil for the highly decorative styles of days past. It has never completely gone out of style and has quietly evolved with the times.

Minimalist decor focuses on practicality with uncluttered spaces that highlight the items in them with a typically bright and clean color palate.

By having so few items in a space, everything there should be purchased with an eye for functionality, beauty and clean lines.  

Having a place for everything and having everything in its’ place is a major component for Minimalist style. This can be obtainable even if you have children by purchasing with intention and acquiring toys that are beautiful, bespoke and can grow with your child(ren).


For a more modern take, add greenery! Bringing live plants helps remove the stark feeling with the typical gray and white color palate. It is also a great way to start Spring and Summer.

Do you relate to the Minimalist style or is it something you would want to try in your home?

What is Grand Millennial?


Welcome back.

For our 2nd Interior Design Trend for 2021, we are going with a granny chic look that is taking over.

Grand Millennial is a term coined by House Beautiful. This style is designed “to have an affinity for design trends considered by mainstream culture to be ‘stuffy’ or ‘outdated’. When we mean granny chic, we mean it!

Think of large floral wallpapers, or the heavily patterned couches of yesteryear. Needlepoint, knitting and crochet (with a modern twist) are other great way to incorporate the Grand Millennial style into your home.

Grand Millennial is also a complete push against the Minimalist style that was so popular with the previous generation. This trend mixes patterns, bold colors and textures to make a space feel cozy and inviting while also almost feeling cluttered.

Wallpaper can also be a large part of this trend. Toile, chintz and floral patterns are an easy place to start, but add a metallic accent to the paper for a modern twist. You can also add abstract art to modernize the look.  Other ways to easily incorporate this look into a room are lace and doilies, fringe, velvet furniture and bold jewel tones or saturated earth tones.

To really pull off this look, keep the color palate consistent. You can pick bold patterns for fabric, wallpaper and rugs but keep them in the same color family.

This style is perfect for those who want to support small businesses too. Etsy shops, antique stores and local artists are all options for accent pieces to give your room a unique, curated look. One local (to Miami, Fl) business is Vintage Rose Home, they refresh furniture and find amazing small accent items.

Let us know what you love (or hate) about the Grand Millennial style!

What is Cottagecore?

Welcome back!

The first 2021 interior design trend we are going to explore is Cottagecore.

While this is not a new idea, the pandemic made the concept very popular. I’m sure you remember the phase of lock down where everyone was making bread? Sourdough starters abounded and it seemed like every person on the planet made at least one loaf of banana bread. This was when the Cottagecore trend started to really take hold. Add to that Taylor Swift coming out with her “folklore” album and all of the plaid, walking through the forest aesthetics she used in her Netflix special and BAM, Cottagecore was a hit.

There are many people that argue that Cottagecore is more of a lifestyle than an interior design aesthetic, but I for one believe it can be both. (As much as I would love to run through a field of wheat in a floaty, floral dress, that really isn’t in the cards for this Miami girl.) But parts of the lifestyle can be adapted to everyone and every home; you can have a very minimalist home while still cultivating potted plants or a kitchen herb garden. For a Cottagecore color palate, look to nature. Greens, browns, earth tones and sunny yellows are all great ways to bring a little of the outside into your home. Natural wood tones mixed with off-whites are also an easy way to tap into the trend. Vintage (or vintage inspired) tea sets, hand-thrown pottery, floral and botanical wallpapers, anything handmade are small and easy ways to add a little Cottagecore to any home too. And the more natural light, the better. (All your new plants with thank you!)

Finding accent pieces such as the hand made wood shelves or chairs, pottery, wall art and all the little touches are AMAZING ways to support small and local businesses. So many people have discovered new passions for crafting and people who were already experts have honed their art during the pandemic- so there are lots of awesome local artists you can support. I’m sure there is someone with a style for you. (And tell me who they are when you find them!)

So explore the Cottagecore trend in your own home. It does not have to be your whole house, but finding small ways to bring homey, earthy touches to your living space can go a long way to making you feel more cozy and comfortable. So make some bread, wear the romantic dress or throw on a plaid shirt, create something new and tap into your natural instincts, this is the year to explore something new!