Benjamin Moore Product Updates

Benjamin Moore has been very busy these past couple of years and the outlook is this is going to continue for the foreseeable future. They have recently updated the primers and a number of different paint lines. I believe this is the result of many things but it has coincided with the latest CEO Dan Calkins involvement. It causes some pain in the moment now but repositioning and realigning the products should make things better for the future.

Visibly, we are seeing label changes and products are updated. As it was explained to me, Ben Moore is partly doing this to fulfill compliance to the MPI standards. These are a set of agreed upon performance and appearance standards for all sorts of paints and coatings. This should put Moore’s products in a competitive equivalence bracket for inclusion on master specifications. Architects and designers want to allow builders and contractors to use what is best suited for the region that they are working in and so want to specify paints that provide similar results. Benjamin Moore’s exclusive sheens didn’t fit nicely within the MPI structures and sometimes didn’t match other BM paints with the same nomenclature. Now eggshell finishes should appear to have the same sheen across all products labeled eggshell.

Another reason I think we are seeing all these changes has to do with updates in available raw materials. Raw material manufacturer’s come out with improvements all the time. As ingredients are replaced, chemists have to come up with adjustments to their formulas as well.  Ben Moore is always looking to lead the industry in quality and satisfaction  achieve better performance for working properties and durability; if you’re not improving you’re going backwards. Their updated technology necessary for creating Urethane Modified Acrylic paints such as COROTECH COMMAND and the INSL-X CABINET COAT shows that they are striving for useful performance goals.

Recent improvements including Exterior Aura, interior “ben”, UltraSpec and the various primers are only part of the changes. CORONADO PAINTS are also getting updated with the move from RUST SCAT acrylic formulas to the new MULTAPPLY gloss and semi-gloss. This update, if nothing else, allows tinting these products with Ben Moore’s proprietary waterborne GENNEX tint system on computerized dispenser systems. This provides for the move away from VOC solvent tint systems and should give greater color accuracy and consistency.

Brewster Home Fashions

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Get 25% off when you purchase wallpaper and other home accents from Brewster Wallcoverings. Brewster is a leader and an innovator in home decorations. In addition to traditional wallpaper you can find murals, framed art, metal or wood wall hangings, vinyl floor and backsplash tiles and much more.

Brewster’s 23 wallpaper brands can be viewed in their online gallery and you can organize your shopping easily sorting through themes, brands, styles, and colors.

Fine Paints of Europe Training Class

Join us on January 8th, 2022 for our first Fine Paints of Europe training class.

We welcome Larry Lanoeutte, a master painter and long-time FPE user. Larry has been a contractor for over 36 years and now travels the country training and consulting with painting contractors. He brings a wealth of knowledge from application to selling skills needed to prosper in today’s competitive paint industry.

During this one day class, attendees will learn about each of the products as well as preparation and application techniques for successful projects. More than that, there will be hands on demonstrations of sundries and sprayers that work well with FPE, selling skills and troubleshooting.

There is a $50 fee to register for the class and paid participants will receive a $50 store voucher and FPE swag.

The class is to be held at our (soon to be) renovated contractor location 2855 SW 69th Court  south east of BJ’s on Coral Way. Class starts at 8 o’clock.

The 2022 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year is…

Make room for creativity.
Evoking the silver-green stem of a flower,
October Mist creates a canvas for other colors –
and your imagination – to blossom.



Make room for play. Luminous pales invigorate the senses.

Make room for nurturing. Botanical hues ground us in warm reassurance.

Make room for expression. Refreshed primaries give root to personal style.


We are so excited by this color palate and are looking forward to all the amazing color combinations and room designs you all are going to come up with!

Stop by either of our stores to further explore these amazing colors and pick up some pint samples today!

Fall is Here!

(Though it may not seem like it in South Florida.)

It’s the time of year where things start cooling down and more people are outside walking and consequently getting better looks at the houses in their neighborhood. So, what better time to give your home a facelift?

Bold front doors are a great and cost-effective way to boost curb appeal. Fine Paints of Europe and our certified appliers can make your front door a showstopper with their glossy, mirror like finishes and color saturated flat or matte finishes.

If you are interested in becoming an applier or want more information about Fine Paints of Europe, call us about our Fine Paint of Europe Seminar on January 8th, 2022.

Another easy and inexpensive way to spruce up your home is to pressure clean your front walk and sides of your house. Removing any mildew or mold and starting with a fresh, clean entry is perfect when you want to impress your neighbors and family. The best part is, you can rent a pressure cleaner for a few days or a weekend and there is no long-term purchase or storage concerns!

You can call 305-666-3300 or 305-266-0662 for information on pricing and availability of our pressure cleaning machines.

Now that the front of your house is spotless, check for chipped or cracked paint; this would be a great opportunity to make small cosmetic changes like paint touch-ups or repainting accent pieces like shutters and trim. Small updates, like a new accent color, will go a long way to giving your house a refresh.

The last inexpensive and easy way to give your home a facelift is driveway paint! Available in a variety of colors, this is an easy way to bring new life to your home and create a clean focal point on something that usually takes up a large percentage of your front yard. Richard’s Driveway & Floor Coating  is specially formulated coating designed for use on a variety of concrete substrates, such as walkways, patios and even driveways. Its special formulation provides excellent durability, superior fade resistance and a smooth low sheen finish that resists cracking, peeling and chipping. It applies easily, may be applied to previously painted surfaces, properly primed metal surfaces and even surface areas that have been previously coated with a concrete stain. It has excellent weatherability, and may be applied to both fresh and fully cured concrete surfaces. Cleans up easily with water.

If you need more ideas for easy ways to spruce up your home in time for Halloween and all the Thanksgiving festivities that are coming up, check out our PINTEREST BOARDS for inspiration!

Benjamin Moore Improves Ultra Spec 500

Introducing Improved Ultra Spec 500
In line with our product portfolio optimization strategy, Benjamin Moore is pleased to bring new and improved offerings to market this month. Ultra Spec® 500 Interior has been enhanced to better meet the demands of the commercial segment; features include excellent hide in 1X base (especially in clean, off-white colors) smooth application, and quick dry time for faster job turnaround. The first two sheens, available now–Low Sheen Eggshell (T537) and Eggshell (T538).

Festool Flipbook Digital Catalog

Our interactive, digital catalogs may be viewed in an internet browser window, as well as downloaded as a pdf. Relevant video links and QR codes are embedded in the content to access additional information quickly and easily.

Festool Digital Catalog

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USA Paint EN:
USA Paint ES:

Golden Paintworks

Golden Paintworks Decorative Products

Golden Paintworks® Metallic Paintsare water based, interior acrylic paints that are highly pigmented with iridescent mica to produce strong metallic effects. Perfect for any decorative project from up-cycling that treasured furniture piece, to adding some drama to a feature wall, lighted ceiling cap, or crown molding. Use on its own, or with any Golden Paintworks decorative products.

This unique line consists of 4 Tintable Bases and 28 Pre-Mixed Metallic Paint colors. All 28 colors are available in an 8 oz. trial size and are easily reproduced utilizing one of 4 Tint Bases in quart or gallon sizes. Brush, roll or spray apply. No extender/additive is required for rolling. Full coverage in just 2 coats that dries to a satin sheen. Create a Matte Metallic Paint quickly by simply adding 1 part Metallic Paint Matting Additive to 10 parts Metallic Paint.


Festool is a tool maker based in Germany who have been making tools for over 90 years and are celebrating 20 years in the US this year. They joined with our buying group ALLPRO and offered something we didn’t have before. A suite of tools to help the professional painter to sand surfaces. Some people will complain that the sanders and dust extractors are too expensive compared to some others out there, but they out perform any competition. It seems unlikely that sanding could be a clean job and much less a fun one, but Festool sanders get the job done with minimal mess and maximum efficiency. There are more sanders and more sandpaper grits that we have ever had – from 9″ wall sanders to 3″ grinder/polishers and all levels in between. Sandpaper ranges from 24 to 4000 depending on the model and polishing grits up to 11,000.

On more than one occasion I have been called by longtime professional painters and asked how to remove paint from a door that they recently painted. Usually it comes down to the lack of preparation and applying a suitable primer, that is, they cut some corners, tempted fate, and it came back to them. So they have a peeling door or trim and need to get the paint off. How to do it? How long does it take? Whatever the payment for one door to be painted, say it is $100.00, the cost of stripping and redoing that door is likely going to be twice that amount. Before Festool sanding systems, I would have had pity on this painter because the job was a waste of time and product and now it has to be redone and this time without payment. Now, I don’t see any excuse for failing to do a good job. The tools are available, the effort is minimal and the results are superb.

Most painters have a pressure cleaner or rent them to do the outside of a house. Wouldn’t think of painting outside without first pressure cleaning – no brainer. But inside is a different story. Sanding down trim and doors and even walls seem so far from their scope that a little hand sanding is all they can muster. I don’t know why investing in a system that will help you do the best job you can is so against the mentality of many painters.

Painters using Festool sanders are able to ask more for their jobs because they are using Festool to prep. Some times its because they offer it as an upcharge, or they can beat out the competition because they can prep a place out without making a mess. In environments such as hospitals, tech centers and offices, being able to prep cleanly makes a big impression.

When we repainted our store interior I went around the room with spackle and then used our rental wall sander, the Planex, over the walls. It removed all sorts of little bits and blobs that had accumulated on the walls and made the finish noticeably smoother and nicer looking. The difference in the result of not sanding versus sanding is something a painter should be able to recognize.

The Festool sanding system as three main parts to their success. First, the extractors or vacuums are quiet and have excellent suction throughout the life of the bag. The HEPA aspect removes the smallest particles of dust down to .1 micron so there is no airborne dust. The new sleeved hoses have a smooth internal contour for better airflow. Active extraction helps the tools and sandpaper do their jobs cooler so they perform at maximum efficiency.

Second, the tools are designed do make dust extraction a priority. The motors are balanced for minimal vibration and have speed control to slow down for low friction coatings like latex paints. The hose connection is made to prevent pulling off accidentally and recent models are engineered to lock on with a twist. Sanding pads are hook and loop style made extra grippy for the stresses of sanding, come in different hardnesses and are easily replaced if they become damaged.

The sandpaper is the 3rd component and Festool Granat is the go-to paper for all purposes. The grit range is the widest of any.