One of our products that works amazingly well is the KABOSH ECO GUARD. This is THE BEST product I have ever used for keeping surfaces clean in outdoor conditions. ECO GUARD is easy to apply and the effects are long lasting. It can be used over masonry, wood, plastic and painted surfaces.

ECO GUARD comes in two formulations, one is ready to use and the other is a concentrate that can be used from five parts water to one ECO GUARD and the other is ready to use. I prefer the concentrate because I use it all around my house. Mixing for me is simple. I pour an amount into a pump-up sprayer and then add five more containers of water. I generally use a plastic pickle bucket for my measure but any vessel will suffice. The first time application is used at a 5:1 dilution. Later applications for maintenance purposes can be mix with a more dilute ratio up to 9:1. Effectively the yield can be between 6 to 10 gallons from one jug of concentrate. Once mixed, the ECO GUARD is simply sprayed over the surface to saturation; I generally achieve this by sweeping the fan with overlapping strokes. The sidewalk around my corner property took about one half gallon of concentrate made up in two batches. Application time was about 30 minutes before work one day.and that was it. A year later the sidewalk still looked very good but I hit it with a maintenance dose just to keep it looking nice and because it is so little trouble to do it.

ECO GUARD is meant to be sprayed on the surface and then left alone. No rinsing, scrubbing or neutralizing. Unlike bleach it will not kill plants or damage paints or fabrics such as awnings. Unlike pressure cleaning it does not scour the surface or strip away fragile surfaces. Of course, if you’re looking for that clean right now look, you could be pressure clean and follow up with KABOSH ECO GUARD so your maintenance cycle is extended out. Afterwards pressure cleaning will no longer be necessary to keep the surface free from mold or algae. It will only require a periodic application of a low concentration of ECO GUARD.

ECO GUARD can be used over just about any exterior surface such as unpainted masonry, stone or brick, over painted surfaces and wood. Painted surfaces and plastic are the fastest results, more porous such as concrete and brick surfaces generally take longer because the dirt and organisms are more deeply embedded. Results are not what anyone would say is immediate although it is working when it hits the surface. The first thing you’ll notice is a distinct pink brown color and slight earthy smell from the product killing the existing fungi and algae. Then, over a few weeks or months, weather action will erode and wash off the surface to reveal a clean, natural looking result. The effects last a long time, many months, maybe years depending on your cleanliness tolerance.

Here’s a picture of my sidewalk leading towards my neighbor. She pays to have her sidewalk pressure cleaned about twice each year. My side received a 5:1 application of ECO GUARD. The picture was taken over a year after application.

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