Fall Color Palates

Since we have focused on the exterior of the home, let’s look inward this week.

Fall color palates for interior paint can invoke hygge and feelings of warm, cozy comfort. They are perfect for places where family spends time together, such as living rooms.

These colors don’t necessarily have to be dark, like when you think of Halloween and haunted woods (though dark studies or bedrooms can certainly have an amazing dramatic or elegant feel to them!) Think instead of the autumn leaves, warm-toned browns or a rich rust color, forest-y green accents with neutral beige or even white as the main color. Also, white and sage greens with pops of pumpkin and mustard yellow are great fall colors to bring into your home.

If you don’t want to repaint, you can explore wallpaper as an alternative! There is a wallpaper for everyone and it’s not what you remember. Most wallpapers are made to be easily strippable and there are even Peel-N-Stick options that are removable stickers (and perfect for dorms and apartments!) Current wallpaper has patterns ranging from bold geometrics to neutral textures to natural fibers, just about any color or pattern that you are looking for can be found in our 300+ wallpaper book library. Stop by our 6995 Bird Rd store or call 305-666-3300 for more information!

You can always bring in accent pieces, such as textiles and décor with fall colors that will blend with your current color palate.

Feel free to stop by our 6995 Bird Rd location to look at all the colors we have to offer in person. And if you want inspiration before you visit, check out our Fall Décor Pinterest Boards for sample color palates, décor ideas and more!

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