What is Minimalist?


Welcome back.

Today we are going to talk about our 3rd 2021 Interior Design Trend: Minimalist.

This trend emerged in the 20th Century as a foil for the highly decorative styles of days past. It has never completely gone out of style and has quietly evolved with the times.

Minimalist decor focuses on practicality with uncluttered spaces that highlight the items in them with a typically bright and clean color palate.

By having so few items in a space, everything there should be purchased with an eye for functionality, beauty and clean lines.  

Having a place for everything and having everything in its’ place is a major component for Minimalist style. This can be obtainable even if you have children by purchasing with intention and acquiring toys that are beautiful, bespoke and can grow with your child(ren).


For a more modern take, add greenery! Bringing live plants helps remove the stark feeling with the typical gray and white color palate. It is also a great way to start Spring and Summer.

Do you relate to the Minimalist style or is it something you would want to try in your home?

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