It is Easy Being Green

Green is probably one of the most versatile colors on the spectrum. From calming sage to vibrant and exciting lime, this color has something for everyone. From Cottagecore to Minimalist, you can incorporate this color into your home, office or business.

The color green is well known to be a calming color. One that brings quiet to a space and peace to a busy mind. Green is also a color that allows you to bring nature into your space, through the use of potted plants, herbs and even botanical prints in art and wallpaper.

People want to connect to nature and even with a minimalist style home, you can make this happen. Green accents in wallpaper, art and textiles are a great way to bring pops of color to a minimalist color palate.

Darker, forest greens on walls and furniture bring sophistication to a space and when paired with leather and dark woods make a room feel more masculine or connected to nature. Dark greens also have a feeling of calm and stillness which is why it is often used in libraries, studies and spaces where focus and deep thinking happen.

Bright greens such as lime and chartreuse are colors associated with nature, confidence and high energy. This color is used in gyms, sports gear and other areas where you want to pump up the energy. It is also associated with inspiration and creativity, so feel free to use splashes of these tones in art studios or creative spaces, like playrooms for kids!  Because of its energetic feelings though, this color should likely stay out of bedrooms or other areas of the home where you want to be able to relax.

Right in the middle are pastel and muted greens like sage and sea glass that are used to promote tranquility and calm. These colors are often used in spas, bedrooms and bathrooms- all places where you want to be able to relax after a long day. The soft feelings of these colors also bring to mind Spring and the changing of the seasons.

Bringing greenery such as potted plants, succulents, cut flowers and dried herbs are all amazing ways to add interest to a space and also improve the feeling of your home.

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