What is Cottagecore?

Welcome back!

The first 2021 interior design trend we are going to explore is Cottagecore.

While this is not a new idea, the pandemic made the concept very popular. I’m sure you remember the phase of lock down where everyone was making bread? Sourdough starters abounded and it seemed like every person on the planet made at least one loaf of banana bread. This was when the Cottagecore trend started to really take hold. Add to that Taylor Swift coming out with her “folklore” album and all of the plaid, walking through the forest aesthetics she used in her Netflix special and BAM, Cottagecore was a hit.

There are many people that argue that Cottagecore is more of a lifestyle than an interior design aesthetic, but I for one believe it can be both. (As much as I would love to run through a field of wheat in a floaty, floral dress, that really isn’t in the cards for this Miami girl.) But parts of the lifestyle can be adapted to everyone and every home; you can have a very minimalist home while still cultivating potted plants or a kitchen herb garden.

https://www.pinterest.com/ogeepaintco/2021-design-trends/ For a Cottagecore color palate, look to nature. Greens, browns, earth tones and sunny yellows are all great ways to bring a little of the outside into your home. Natural wood tones mixed with off-whites are also an easy way to tap into the trend. Vintage (or vintage inspired) tea sets, hand-thrown pottery, floral and botanical wallpapers, anything handmade are small and easy ways to add a little Cottagecore to any home too. And the more natural light, the better. (All your new plants with thank you!)

Finding accent pieces such as the hand made wood shelves or chairs, pottery, wall art and all the little touches are AMAZING ways to support small and local businesses. So many people have discovered new passions for crafting and people who were already experts have honed their art during the pandemic- so there are lots of awesome local artists you can support. I’m sure there is someone with a style for you. (And tell me who they are when you find them!)

So explore the Cottagecore trend in your own home. It does not have to be your whole house, but finding small ways to bring homey, earthy touches to your living space can go a long way to making you feel more cozy and comfortable. So make some bread, wear the romantic dress or throw on a plaid shirt, create something new and tap into your natural instincts, this is the year to explore something new!

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