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Festool Flipbook Digital Catalog

Our interactive, digital catalogs may be viewed in an internet browser window, as well as downloaded as a pdf. Relevant video links and QR codes are embedded in the content to access additional information quickly and easily. USA Full‐line EN: USA Full‐line ES: USA Paint EN: USA Paint ES:


One of our products that works amazingly well is the KABOSH ECO GUARD. This is THE BEST product I have ever used for keeping surfaces clean in outdoor conditions. ECO GUARD is easy to apply and the effects are long lasting. It can be used over masonry, wood, plastic and painted surfaces. ECO GUARD comes […]

Fall Color Palates

Since we have focused on the exterior of the home, let’s look inward this week. Fall color palates for interior paint can invoke hygge and feelings of warm, cozy comfort. They are perfect for places where family spends time together, such as living rooms. These colors don’t necessarily have to be dark, like when you […]

SAMPLIZE Makes Color Selection As Easy As Peel & Stick

Benjamin Moore has a new way to try out colors. Using large stickers of accurate colors, Samplize allows you to place the colors and move them around. No messing around with color swatches painted on the wall or painting out boards.  You can order just 1 piece of as many as you like, all the […]

Benjamin Moore Product Updates

Benjamin Moore has been very busy these past couple of years and the outlook is this is going to continue for the foreseeable future. They have recently updated the primers and a number of different paint lines. I believe this is the result of many things but it has coincided with the latest CEO Dan […]

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